Would you go sailing during your vacation? This is very well in Greece.

  Read this information before you book your sailing holiday in Greece ! 


Tip 1.   Always good sailing weather

Greece is the ideal country for a sailing holiday because Greece is guaranteed for sun,sea,a good sailing breeze,
hundreds of islands and a coastline of over 15000 km.


Tip 2.   The only path to bareboat

If you have extensive experience in sailing a yacht then bareboat sailing is ideal.


Tip 3. Flotilla sailing; freedom in a group

You have your own cabin sailboat to share with your family or friends. You sail"in group-related"under the guidance of a mother.This has several advantages,the coziness of a group (evening meal in the local tavern) and expert thenical help is always close and you dont miss any beatiful spot. At least one person must be able to sail well. In some distinations you can advance a sailing course. For both beginners and refresher course for advanced. Sailing lessons aboard sailing course or combined with hotel or apartment. Highly recommended.


Tip 4.  Cabin charter; actieve or sunbathing?

Sailing is for everyone with or without sailing expirience. This means that you, alone or with a group, embark on a larger yacht. Such sailing is accompanied by an expienced skipper. The aim is an adventurous trip with several islands, harbors and bays pass. Just the way its been a wonderful experience. of course there is time enough for swimming or snorkeling, but even if you actively want to learn to sail along or something that can sail. Of course you may also enjoy the sun on the foredeck andonly enjoy the view.


Tip 5.   Explore Greece while sailing is very special

Depending on the type of cruise you have chosen te see the famous sites of that particular environment Example: Spartagori on the island Meganisie as you walk to the village not miss the top because the view is spectacular  and a stop for a swim in the bay of Scorpio (the island of the fam.Onassis) a expirence. It's just wichever route you choose.
Of course there is much to see on all routes !

Tip 6.   Islands in abundance

Due the fact that Greece has such a plethora of islands, is an eminently suitable land for a sailing vacation. The mainland consist of  80% of mountains and hills. This means that the remaining  20% left for islands,and there are so many ! Too much even for a holiday, but what you watch, next time for a sail along a different route ?


Tip 7.   Few travel

What do you need? ’Nice to Greece as a holiday destination is that you only need a valid passport ! Furthermore you do not have to think about visas,vaccinations or whatever. You can go where in Greece you want,drink the water etc.

Tip 8.   Enjoy eating

On board a ship is obviously less extensive than eating on land but no less tasty though. Furthermore, you do so while sailing to various islands, where you still in one of the many restaurants you can do to balance the typical Greek dilicacies, including gyros, souvlaki,dolmades and natural goat cheese.  

Tip 9.   Easy payments

When you do your sailing to various islands, and on the islands is always to find an ATM. So things the hard way, the sailing man.


Tip 10.   Certainly not expensive

A sailing holiday in Greece need not be expensive. For a week sailing in Greece you can rely on average about € 1500 p.p. that is included flight.  In addition you can make it as expensive as you want during your trip or not give much money,that's up to you. The cost of a sailing holiday in Greece are pretty to make,especially concidering that you do have a very special holiday for you. It's at least something completely different than back at the beach.

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